This blog is the result of the work done by students in the course “Ethnographic techniques for inter-cultural understanding”, as part of the Mostar Summer Youth Program that took place in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina from June 22nd to July 10th, 2015.

In each blog entry, the students present small ethnographic accounts of each other, after having applied ethnographic techniques with their peers. In the multicultural setting of Mostar, this practice allowed the students to develop skills in order to get to know, in a deeper way, their close “cultural others”, avoiding what the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie calls the dangerous “single story” of youth in Mostar.

We hope the reader will enjoy going through all the ethnographic accounts, while getting to know a vibrant new generation that is taking the challenge of rebuilding the dynamic and exuberant spirit of the sunniest city in Europe.