By Adnan

When I first saw Xochilt I noticed that she doesn’t look like a pure indigenous. She had the features of a Spanish person and a indigenous person. She has thick black hair, round head and a small nose like a indigenous person from Nicaragua and she is taller and she has lighter skin like a Spanish person. That makes her a mestiza. A mestiza is a person that is mixed race, the race of a indigenous person from Nicaragua and a person from Spanish origin.

I have seen that people in Nicaragua have a very close relationship with each other. When they greet each other they walk up to each other, hug and kiss the air next to their cheek two times. Traditional dance in Nicaragua is very friendly. The girls have very wide dresses and wave with it and boys have cowboy hats that are related to the Spanish people. Xochilt can see that Mostar is a victim of war. She also noticed that the people of Mostar are trying to rebuild the city.

I learned form Xochilt that I always must be open minded and that’s very important.