By Matea

Something that marks Rory is his sunscreen. Rory is from Ireland, that is country of cold temperature, but warm and friendly people. These are characteristics of his city that he likes the most. Here in Mostar he found same things. Derry and Mostar are quite similar, that similarity Rory loves, historic city, warmness. He came in Mostar because of the MSYP. But because of the people he will come back. MSYP gave him opportunity to explore, to learn, to find friends for life. Even if he doesn’t like school he likes this kind of program. Rory was amazed about what this program offers. His favourite subject here is international relations, Kenichi and Bede teaches him about the foreign policy of different countries and the role of the international community. To him that is very interesting because he wants to study history and politics. His wish to study history woke up in him when he went to US. Rory likes travelling, movies, and the band Arctic Monkeys.

He describes himself as a loyal friend, hardworking but somewhat disorganized. Nelson Mandela inspires him in perseverance. When he go to Ireland he will really miss Cevapi. Our cultural food that he will carry home in his memories. And in my memory will stay some words that he taught me, like Dia duit, that means hello on Irish language. In my personal opinion he is a great person, and I am glad that he loves this city as much as I love it.