By Jelena

It is in the basis of ethnography to understand and get to know people near us. As Malinowski said: “to judge something, you have to be there.” During this short time I spent at MSYP, I met a special and extraordinary person, Mia. It is not hard to recognize Mia as she simply radiates positive energy. One can notice a spirit of a reasonable and patient person in her big, brown eyes. Mia comes from Konjic and she is 16 years old. Konjic is a small and nice town 1 hour away from Mostar. As she came to Mostar,she came across a new culture. Even though Mostar is not her birthplace, she feels nice and accepted there. “I like the culture and the structure of the city. The society is very friendly and kind. The approach in Mostar is great ; people from Mostar are an open nation.”­ she says.

Mostar changes her culture; likewise she changes Mostar’s culture. She adds new world views. While encountering new world views, she accepts the principle of being open and accepting everyone as they truly are and she hopes to bring the principle back into her culture. While I was observing her as a subject she felt weird and honesty make her open towards others, in contrast to most of her insecure peers. She feels insecure about the future, like me, but we both move forward bravely. After all we are humans, we are all made out of flesh and blood and our spirit makes all of us different. She is ready to advocate for excluded and threatened ones, e.g. Roma people. She follows Malinowski principle and judge others only once she gets to know them.

She is a wonderful person inside out. 🙂