By Adi

I’m a lucky man to have the honor to present to you someone from Japanese culture. In this text I’m going to present our differences and similarities between us. His name is Kenichi. He was born in Tokio 25 years ago.

Kenichi’s family is very traditional. In his family he is the ”kid with blue eyes”. Just like Japanese culture he is very mysterious, traditional and interesting. He lives in New York City, but his home town is his favorite town. He graduated from TUFTS College in 2012, and now he works with African children and he think that education is a powerful weapon. Kenichi has an adventurous spirit. His dreams are to jump from space and skydiving. He loves traveling and his wish is to break his father record in traveling, which is 55 countries. Other fun facts about him is that his favorite food is sushi (rolled tuna), his favorite movie is “Spirit way” and his favorite band is called Natural milk hotel, and his hobbies include playing tennis, snowboarding and cooking.

For him our culture represents beauty of our people. Also, he thinks that we are unique and very traditional, and he likes the temperament of our people. The most important part of our culture is food, and he likes our food, especially the way that we prepare ”teletina”.

I learned lot of things from Kenichi. He taught me a lot of his culture. Now I know how they greet each other in Japan when they meet in the streets. Also I learned how much private space is important in Japan, and if you do something wrong it reflects on whole community.

For Kenichi teaching in Mostar represents new challenge, and he loves challenges. For him Mostar is united town. He doesn’t feel differences between west and east side. For him we are united and we are one nations. That is positive thinking. We can learn something from him. I wanna say “thank you” to Kenichi for everything he did for us in this 3 weeks.