By Mia

Azra is really beautiful girl, with long lighter hair and very bright smile. I didn’t know her before attending this programme, but it wasn’t hard to notice her. When she gets in new environment, she obviously doesn’t wait for someone to come to her, she actually rather goes to meet those people first, while being very friendly. I found that out during the first week of Mostar Summer Youth Programme. After a while, we started to hang out and I finally met her as I wanted to. We were talking about many different topics, and shared our experiences with each other.

Azra told me that she often makes herself think about situations she went through, she wonders if it could be any better or different in some other ways, so it makes her a bit insecure. If she could change any habit that brothers her, it would be her stubbornness, even if it didn’t cause some situations that made her regret because of the mentioned habit. We were also discussing about this programme that we both attend and it was a very common topic. She told me that she feels accepted by those who surround her. As we can see , she is usually communicative and friendly person, so that is her way to build many friendships. But she also has experience with people who were not accepted by their society, and she was the one who made them feel accepted and also made them feel like they belong there, so she helped them to feel more comfortable.

Azra is very kind and modest. She loves her hometown Mostar, and it is the place that she would never leave. She likes to compare other cultures with the culture of this place when she goes somewhere else, and that makes her realise how much she loves this town and how beautiful it is. She recommends everyone to visit Mostar, and I share the same opinion as well. It is one of the most beautiful towns in this country.