By Rory

Antea says that MSYP has enabled her to experience a wider variety of cultures. This is the case because many of the teachers and coordinators are from many different countries, such as Xochilt who is from Nicaragua or Kenichi who is Japanese and American. Furthermore, I am from Northern Ireland and this has also helped Antea experience and study other cultures. In addition, Antea, through all of her experiences, including MSYP, has become more open minded and more tolerant. She hopes to pursue being open minded and tolerant by intending to go to university in Berlin in september. Berlin is a hugely multicultural city and Antea would be able to experience and interact with more diverse and different cultures. If Antea does not go to Berlin, she would like to study in Zagreb, Croatia which is a city that she really likes. In university, she wants to study International Development which is a subject that would be very interesting.

Antea has said that Mostar plays an important role in shaping her personality. She says that, unlike many of her peers, she feels that there is something magical about the city and that, despite all its problems, it is a very friendly place and an easy place to live. However, Antea has said that, for a certain period of time, she would like to live somewhere else, so to gain more experience but also because there is very high youth unemployment in Mostar and thus a lack of opportunity.

Myself and Antea share some similarities. Firstly, we are both open minded and believe in respect towards all people, regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion etc. What is more, we both like travelling to different places and seeing the world, and in the future Antea intends to do more traveling across the world to gain plenty new different experience. Moreover, both of us like learning new languages, although Antea is probably a better linguist. Antea speaks fluent German and fluent English whereas I only speak French. However there are some differences between us. Most notably, Antea is from Mostar and I am from Northern Ireland. What is further, Antea is lucky in the way that she has finished school. I, on the other hand, must do another year of school, which is a great shame. In addition, a further difference between is somewhat cultural one. I like going out and getting drunk from time to time, whereas Antea only likes to drink very little alcohol.