By Lejla

I’m happy because I met this interesting girl, Ana. Ana is a very social person and loves everything about humans. We can tell from her very kind character that she loves to talk with people, meet them, and share her story with them. Her hobby is dancing, and besides dancing, Ana loves to knit and cross stitch. Mostar is important for her because her family lives in Mostar, and she misses them. She misses Mostar because it’s her hometown. She says she misses “the old Ana.” Her friends and her want to know how she will be after she changes. While we’re talking about changes I want to emphasize that she cut her hair and donated it to a cause.

A lot of things have changed but she loves “new Ana”, the new “campus” environment which means a lot to her. She said that it is her second home. Ana loves people on campus. They are like her second family. Although she loves Mostar, she loves to switch places and to meet new cultures.

What is the definition of Ana? For me Ana is a person who is full of life, happiness, and I think Ana will be young even when she is older, because youth is in her spirit. She will always return to Mostar as a migrating bird (swallow).

For me she is a brave person. She isn’t afraid of life, she lives without rules, freely and happily without judgment. For her physical appearance (beauty) isn’t important, and she hates when people only think about it. More important things for her are to be clean and healthy. She thinks that she must eat less pizza. Ana loves pizza so she just keeps eating pizza. Ana has small, cute eyes but she doesn’t like her slanted eyes but I think it makes her cuter.

In the end she loves all subjects, she loves to learn some new stuff, and Ana thinks that knowledge is never enough. And she shakes hands as an indication of agreement. It’s a thing she learned at UWC which makes it easier to show approval without interrupting the speaker. I know I wrote a bit more about her but she is so interesting so I can write more and more .