By Ana.

One of the greatest indications of Adna’s character is her incongruity with the stereotypical Mostar youth culture. She likes to stand out from the crowd through her everyday life. She used to hide her curly hair, but now she proudly wears it down while recognizing that it is distincitve and special.  Adna emphasizes that going out is often not as important to her as it is to read a good book or watch a nice movie as it is for plenty of her peers. She says she also differs from the mainstreem youth by her music taste. She prefers rock, whereas most of her peers listen to turbo-folk music. She finds it quite disappointing that the society supresses any kind of individuality and originality by looking down upon it.

On the other hand, there are certain aspects of her culture that she enjoys. She likes the relaxed environment which completely tolerates running late and encourages drinking coffee in a cafe for a long time. At the same time, she understands that some things would work better with stricter rules, as example laws, which are not followed by the social norm.

She wishes to leave Mostar, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, mainly because she doesn’t have good employment opportunities here. She would like to move to New Zealand, as a true Lord of Rings fan. Her disapproval of certain aspects of Mostar culture, also contribute to her desire to live abroad. Beside good employment opportunities, she expects greater tolerance for different religions.